Auto Body Mechanic

Auto Body Mechanic is a great career! Techs must have good math skills, good reading ability and basic computer skills are necessary. As usual, get certified by all means necessary.

Most damage of everyday collisions can be repaired. Most vehicles can be returned to “like new” condition. The conditions can be minor or major and will most likely require refinishing. Due to the type of impact, the paint may only need touching up.

Body Shop techs swill perform the following tasks any given workday: Remove dents, straighten frames and bodies, and replace body panels which cannot be repaired.

This work is generally done in the body shop and on all vehicle types from trucks to buses, tractor trailers, SUV’s, small cars and small trucks.

Every vehicle presents a challenge to a body shop technician. First they determine how much damage has been done and what parts can be repaired or should be replaced. Frames and vehicles with frame damage have to be brought back to factory specs.

Some shops have techs specifically for certain jobs (masking, spraying, and dent repair). Body shop technicians do mostly everything, meaning repairs to the body, frame, etc., and refinishing, plus basic automotive repair.

The environment is moderately noisy, dusty and smells of paint fumes. Being a body shop technician will have you working in uncomfortable positions at times. There will always be that occasional bump or bruise and scrape. Your knuckles will eventually get used to it.

  Training and other qualifications: As previously noted automotive technology will continue to get more sophisticated. To stay competitive get formal training in “body shop” technology as this will allow for career growth. This is another competitive trade.

Be good at it and you can end up shop foreman or even open your own shop and start making good money.

Education- Diploma preferred, GED is acceptable along with formal skill training. There are many trade schools and community colleges that offer this training.Automotive mechanic and auto body shop techs will use chemistry, physics and mathematics in many situations on the job.

Continuing education is going to be part of this trade. Science and engineering are always developing new ways to accomplish the challenges faced in body shop repairs and service. Employment-There is a nationwide and mostly worldwide need for body shop technicians. Auto body techs hold about 190,000 jobs in 08-09. This field continues to grow and will also be competitive. Some places to work are body shops, auto dealers, speed shops, custom shops, detail services.

Techs are expected to have certain tools for the job, however most shops will vary with what is provided and what is not. Most techs will get good at this position and find a home. Most techs will never leave this trade.

The Outlook-Excellent opportunities are projected. Auto body is another multibillion dollar business. This means there is plenty of room to be a success.

The Pay-Midlevel body shop techs make between 14.00 to 24.00 per hour. This trade will provide you with good money and benefits when you get real good at it. Stick with it if this is where your heart lies.

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