How To Detail a Car

How To Detail a Car can be explained in a few ways.

Car Detailing can be very rewarding. Here is a basic outline of what the skill entails:

Nature of work

Training and other Qualifications


The Outlook

The Pay

Nature of work-

Well, here are a few must haves for this trade; Patience, ambition, and good communication skills. Detailing is all about bringing out the beauty in a car. A look that people fall in love with. Some people may not know what detailing is. It is the act of enhancing the total appearance of the vehicle inside and out. This will raise the value of the vehicle and helps the car sell faster.

Learn this skill well and people who love their cars, sports car enthusiasts, and auto dealers will pay you good money for doing this.


Maybe it all starts with good old fashion O.J.T.(on the job training) or maybe you’ll land that entry position for a detail shop or a dealership. Either way one needs to get the proper training. This skill requires patience. One thing NOT to do is pick up a professional grade buffer and start on an 80,000.00 car when you have no idea how to use one. Get training. Burned paint is bad for business.

Here are a few ideas for getting the training you need:

* On the job Training

* Penn Foster (online training)

* Detail King (

* Detail Plus Car Appearance Systems

* Trade Shows

* Product Seminars

* Automotive Event Coordinators

* Barnes and Noble bookstores

* Last but not least your neighborhood library

They should have more than a few books on how to get started detailing like a professional. We have professional detailers on our staff that can offer tips that will help you detail like a pro.


Nationwide and partly worldwide is where this skill can make you money. Once mastered, it can make you money in all the good weather states and some areas that are not so good. Here are a few places for employment; Dealerships, automotive custom shops, marinas, trucking centers, airports, limousine services, hotel concierge/valet services, parking garages, RV dealerships, and collision shops.

These are some of the places for employment. Lets not forget that this a trade that you can do on your own as well. Just tart part time get your feet wet. Grow as fast or as slow as you want. Own your skill. Get started and understand the skill then own it.

We can offer some good tips on this skill, just stay in touch. The opportunities are there if you want them.

Basically there are 3 types of Detailers:

* Those who work at at particular site or location

* Those who do it as an “express” operation

* Those who perform detailing as a mobile business

Well here it is...if you decide to go mobile you need to know that this is the easiest way to go. Obtain some chemicals, some professional detailing equipment, as well as a van and or trailer and hit the road.

Then we have the “on site” option. This is a winner as well. However this can be costly because it requires a facility. Having your own facility is great because you have an escape from the elements. Having your own roof overhead makes a big difference in your income.

Some say its better to have your own site.

Another way to get involved is through express detailing. When the term “express” is used this usually means that you will be working at a carwash or dealership. This is where your customers will wait for you to perform your magic. Realistically an express detail can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 minutes. Most carwashes and dealerships will have their own staff. If you are interested, start there as an employee. This is a good way to learn the basics and learn how to be efficient.

There are even businesses that will hire you as a subcontractor. This can be a good arrangement for you because there’s less overhead; this means more money in your pocket.

Then we have mobile detailing. This skill is performed at the customers’ location. We can share some methods that are used by the pros everyday. This way of starting your own business is the most efficient to get started because there’s no overhead other than start up cost for your transportation and equipment. NO mortgage and no lease! We can give you free tips and techniques that we use everyday! Find out how to make your mobile business explode.

Where to drum up business? Parking lots, office complexes, at customer’s homes, or maybe at your own location, theses are a few ideas to get you started. This trade is mobile. Make your money where you can. The market is there for you if you want it. Is so, go get it, and grow it! Remember, we have tips and techniques for you to use to grow it on your own, if and when you are ready.


Skills can include; claying, polishing, waxing, buffing, wet sanding, using vacuums, and various brushes, and equipment for intricate vehicle interior cleaning.

The Outlook-

As long as there is passion for automobiles the need for car detailers will be strong, both private and commercial. Most owners love their cars but would rather take it to professional for care. Sure there will be competition but don’t let that stop you. However you look at it, the market provides more than enough room for the money to be made. The industry is growing and you can make a nice living doing quality work!

The Pay-

It’s kind of hard to put a direct pay amount on this trade. Basically is up to you. You can make good money working for someone else and you can make good money working for yourself! Here is a basic look at how to gauge the potential; let’s say you charge $180 for a full detail (pending on the type of vehicle) and let’s say you detailed 7 cars in a week, you’ll pocket 1260.00 before taxes and expenses.

Stay at that pace and you earn 63 thousand! Guess what, that’s even taking off two weeks out of the year! The average earning potential can be from 24000.00 a year starting, to 65,000.00 for those working at a high volume location. An independent can earn 50 thousand to 200 thousand!

Get the picture. Stay motivated!

The not so obvious----

*ADD Rim repair and lube services for more profits!!!

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