Automotive Career

An automotive career can be very rewarding and lucrative. There are few careers that offer multiple opportunities like those available to skilled automotive technicians. A trained automotive mechanic understands how rewarding and enjoyable this field can be. Your success is all up to you.

Being an Auto Body Mechanic is a great career choice

An automotive career can provide you with a decent income, even in the beginning. The pay can sometimes be less than average in the beginning but after an automobile mechanic’s skills get honed, he or she learns how to make a good income.

Becoming a Certified Diesel Mechanic Is a Strong Career move

There are a few areas in the industry to select from, so choose the area that you like. Choose an automotive career that is best for you. You will certainly get exposure to other areas as you gain experience. Many people love working on cars, but never think they can make a living doing it. Think again.

Heavy Equipment Technicians Have a Strong Future

We want to show you how to turn your hobby into a career. Remember that your training is the key. Get the proper skills you need to perform the maintenance and repairs, and upgrades on all types of vehicles and enjoy the benefits.

Information for Diesel Mechanic Jobs

Here is some important information for you to consider: automotive service technicians' and mechanics' responsibilities have changed from simple mechanical repairs to high-level technology-related work. Today, integrated electronic systems and complex computers regulate vehicles and their performance while on the road.

This increasing sophistication of automobiles requires workers who can use computerized shop equipment and work with electronic components while maintaining their skills with traditional hand tools. Technicians must have an increasingly broad knowledge of how vehicles' complex components work and interact. They also must be able to work with electronic diagnostic equipment and digital manuals and reference materials.

Women and Cars; Where Are the Women Mechanics?

Automotive service technicians inspect, maintain, and repair automobiles and light trucks that run on gasoline, electricity, or alternative fuels (such as propane, natural gas, and ethanol). They perform basic preventative care maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, brake inspections, and diagnose complex electrical system problems. They also perform major services and major repairs such as engine rebuilds or transmission overhauls.

Those new to automotive service usually start as trainee technicians, technicians' helpers, or lubrication workers, and gradually acquire and practice their skills by working with experienced mechanics and technicians. In many cases, on-the-job training may be a part of a formal education program. With a few months' experience, beginners perform many routine service tasks and make simple repairs.

While some graduates of automotive training programs often are able to earn promotion to the journey level after only a few months on the job, complex specialties, such as transmission repair, require more experience and more training.

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