Auto Mechanic Jobs are going to be around a long time

Auto mechanic jobs are nationwide and worldwide. Auto repair is an 85 billion dollar field that continues to grow. This industry can provide a good career and job security. We must stay motivated, stay focused and work smart.

Automotive service technicians and mechanics held more than 770,000 jobs in 2008. Automotive repair and maintenance shops and automobile dealers employed the majority of these workers, with 31 percent working in shops and 28 percent employed by dealers. In addition, automotive parts, accessories, and tire stores employed 7 percent of automotive service technicians.

Source-U.S. Dept of Labor

If you are new to the mechanic field this information is of value to you, if you are not a rookie technician/mechanic you already know this...but when you have time read it over...

These are a few ideas to get some extra cash flowing...who knows you may generate steady business:

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Get sharp on auto engine repair

Auto mechanic jobs for automotive service technicians looks very good. The field is expected to grow, and for those who have formal training the opportunities will be better than those who do not. In addition to openings from growth, many job openings will be created by the need to replace retiring technicians. Most new job openings will be in automobile dealerships and independent repair shops where most automobile service technicians currently work.


Get your Certifications. ASE certification has become a standard credential for automotive service technicians. Certification is available in eight different areas of automotive service, such as electrical systems, engine repair, brake systems, suspension and steering, and heating and air-conditioning. For certification in each area, technicians must have at least 2 years of experience and pass the examination. For ASE certification as a Master Automobile Technician, technicians must pass all eight examinations.

By becoming skilled in multiple auto repair services, technicians can increase their income from their employer and from side work. Those with sufficient funds many times open independent automotive repair shops. Technicians who work well with customers may become automotive repair service estimators. They may also find work as instructors.

The pay is about average in the beginning but after the technician’s skills get honed, he or she learns how to make a good living. Usually the beginning pay can be as low as 10.00 per hour and up to 18.00 per hour. The annual pay for rookies is around 25,000.00 to 30,000.00. Median pay is about 45,000.00 to 65,000. Upper salaries for senior techs are from 65,000.00 to over 85,000.00.

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