The Auto Tune Up ... efficiency equals more money

The automotive tune up ... efficiency equals more money. Many mechanics and/or technicians should enjoy performing this service. Performing an auto tune up can be good for you and your customer. By doing this for them they keep reliable and safe transportation.

This can help you bring in more money when you show them the problems they have after you have performed their tune up. Most people are not aware of their own car problems until it is too late. So here is where the extra money comes in. Keep your customers safe.

Get the information on the vehicle(s) that you want to work on, learn the steps to perform, and then get the tools and parts required. Secure a place to do the work and make your customers happy and make yourself some money. Most vehicles contain many safety components that wear down over time and this can cause a car to lose performance and efficiency.

Here are a few basic “auto tune up” checks and procedures:

Check condition and operation of the following-

* Battery

* Belts

* Filters

* Wipers

* Fluids

* Plugs

* Wires

* Brakes (pads and rotors)

* Cooling system

* Suspension

* Evap and exhaust systems.

Here at we believe the technicians/mechanics are very important elements in the automotive industry. We intend on making life brighter for us too. Remember the training you got was for you. Not just for those fortunate enough to have their own dealerships.

Remember that the training you paid for (or still paying for) is YOURS. Don't let all that training, learning and busted knuckles only bear the fruit for someone else's pockets.

Go forth and make some business for yourself. Anytime you find yourself saying "I need more hours", remember to try and make it for yourself first.

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