Our goal is simple, to help the automotive mechanic become more successful.

This site was developed with the automotive mechanic or automotive technician in mind. Our goal is simple, to help automotive mechanics become more successful.

We want to bring to the technician/mechanics some tips, techniques and information that will make your lives a bit easier. We want to share with the mechanic community what ever we can, we will be updating continually so please bear with us.

Auto repair is an 85 billion dollar field that continues to grow. This field can provide a good career and job security. We must stay motivated, stay focused and work smart.

This skill is self fulfilling and very rewarding. This site is for those who are inspired to work on cars, trucks or equipment. We want to share some basic knowledge, look at the opportunities that we have and focus on how enjoyable this field of automobile repair can be. If we can do that, we are on the right track.

If you work on cars, trucks, heavy equipment, or you want to work with these machines then we are here for you. Although the market may change, the business for auto repair mechanics and technicians will be around. A person can work at the automotive repair industry in any area pretty much all year round.

There are no seasonal or regional boundaries. Many professionals in this trade enjoy the benefits of job security, the interesting challenges, and the different opportunities that the automotive repair field can bring.

By the way - We want to clarify something, you may have noticed that the terms automotive mechanic and automotive technician are being used here. We think the titles are interchangeable. Some may want to be called one or the other.

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