Millions of cars will need auto brake repair sooner or later

There are millions of people driving today and all of them will need some type of auto brake repair. Everyone who has a car will need some brake service sooner or later. As techs it is our duty to ensure braking systems are operating properly. We can always find customers who need our service.

Get a Chilton manual or two and get familiar with a few types of brake systems. Perform brake services and repairs for family members or friends to get the ball rolling. Before you know it you can have a few steady customers. This can be a rewarding job for the tech looking to make some cash outside of your full time job.

Specializing in ONLY brake repair can be very profitable as well. Remember that brakes are a safety item; remind your customers how important they are. Show them what areas need attention. They will appreciate that and refer you to more customers. Be sure and have the proper tools for the job prior to getting started, this will make you more efficient. Keep your work clean and neat, and take care of the customer.

We have a general brake inspection checklist that goes like this-

• Check fluid level and condition (dirty or contaminated)

• Pads

• Rotors

• Brake lines

• Unions or valves

• Booster

• Brake system control unit

• and brake system operation.

Modify your inspection as necessary.


REMEMBER: Whenever you are performing auto brake service to take the necessary safety precautions. Here are some areas to consider:

* Proper use of jack stands and lifts

* Stay aware of brake system fluid pressure

* Stay aware of brake system heat(allow to cool, if possible)

* Wear a dust mask or respirator

* Keep a clean work place

Whenever performing brake repair or service, consult the proper vehicle repair manual for the job. Follow the procedures as required and use only recommended parts and fluids.

Stay Safe!!!

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