A Chilton manual is an invaluable tool all by itself

Your training is your foundation. The knowledge you gain when using Chilton Manuals is on an educational level. Their technical manuals focus on a wide range of specific vehicle makes and models (It covers most parts, while explaining functions). These manuals are invaluable tools all by themselves. The typical manual is a large auto repair manual that has information on most vehicles. The Chilton manuals are a well recognized reference tool in the automotive industry.

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The Chilton Publishing Company began in 1922 as a publisher for automotive magazines, earning a reputation as an authority on mechanical information and repair. The company has always prided itself on accuracy and reliability. It covers all parts in the car, explaining size, features, and functions. They present a high level of detail of the automobiles mechanical systems.

Chilton manuals are written in easy to follow language and using common tools. These manuals are, in my opinion, the best all around auto repair manual on the market. If you are going into auto repair yourself, then pick up a Chilton for your reference library. Now you can get this same information on a disc.

The following are some topics covered inside these manuals:

• Firing order

• Computer diagnosis

• Schematics

• Component location

• Malfunction indicator light (check engine light)

• Fuel pumps

If you are new to automotive repair these manuals are good to have. Many rookie mechanics can benefit greatly because the information will be formatted similar to what they learned in tech school. The instructions and the detailed schematics and images teach the repair process while aiding in job completion. Many high school auto shop teachers and secondary school instructors use Chilton repair manuals more than they do their auto repair textbooks.

Chilton Manual to Auto Tune Up

Anyone who has experience in car repair knows the benefits of having the right manual close by. Chilton repair manuals have a deep history in professional automotive manuals. They have more experience than any repair guide in the automotive industry, and they live up to their reputation.

They are a vey good source for:

• Classic car enthusiasts

• Parts and assembly instructions

• Information for older vehicles

• Troubleshooting electrical problems

For the most part they are a sure bet for the having the right information. We have a few people here (on our staff; all ASE certified techs) who prefer to use other manuals. Some people have problems finding certain information for different manufactures but for the most part it is a darn good reference and we use them frequently. They have a well earned reputation for providing quality information for the novice mechanic and the professional mechanic.

Chilton Manual to Automotive Mechanic