The ASE certification; distinction since 1972

What Is ASE ?

The ASE certifications are a way of distinction since 1972. The ASE certification is awarded by the independent National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. The main objective is to improve the quality of repairs. Having an your certifications ensure the customers that the mechanic/technician is competent and professional. They also give you credibility.

We recommend obtaining your certifications, no matter what area of the automotive service field that your working in. Some example specializations are: diesel mechanics, heavy equipment mechanic, auto body mechanic, as well as parts specialists, engine machinist etc.

REMEMBER: 2 years of relevant work experience is required in the field. You can register and take tests without having the 2 years experience and when you pass, you will receive certification when 2 years is reached. After he or she becomes an ASE technician, re-certification is required in 5 years. Though most of the tests can be taken online, majority of the tests are taken the traditional method of using pencil and paper.

PREPARATION: Let’s start with the library. Just search for ASE Test and certification. There are many comprehensive guides readily available in the market. When shopping for ASE test preparation books’ be sure to get the latest version. A few well known names for these books are:

• MotorAge

• Mitchell

• Delmar Learning

Check out some basic auto mechanic requirements

Sharpen your skills and your reputation. One could obtain an ASE certification for a certain specialization. The following are some specializations to consider:

1) Engine repair mechanists as well as collision repair technicians

2) Parts specialists

3) Truck equipments

4) Trucks (light/ medium as well as heavy included)

5) Automobile

6) Buses

7) Auto service consultants

8) Alternative fuel technicians

9) Collision damage specialists

Candidates who are selecting any one of the specializations should have some prior knowledge of the area or specialty. These exams are not easy. Take the time any study for your exams. You will become confident when you do.

You must provide proof and have 3 years of work experience. After 5 years, one will need to recertify. These certifications are only valid for 5 years for each specialization.

Why do I want them and why do I need them?

ASE Certification, stand out amongst the pack. Major manufactures are making it a standard. Many dealers are being structured to house only certified technicians. These are the certifications that you would need to have if you are looking to get a big opening in the field of automotive service.

The ASE stands for automotive service excellence. It is awarded by the independent National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Strive to be an expert. All the professionals who are already experts can choose to add credibility and hang with the best.

Usually after people become certified their knowledge on the subject has improved and so their job performance improves. Then job satisfaction improves and money too. Your employer will then know they made a good choice. So, make sure that you meet the requirements to join ASE and validate your experience.

So you haven’t taken any test in a while? The latest test preparation books are easy to follow, well written, and they have quizzes and test to prepare you for the exam.

Remember you have been doing this for a while so just read the manuals and extract from them as needed. Check out the question formats. These will be very similar on the exams. Focus on what you know. Practice with the examples you will find in the prep manuals. Remember what you know and the fear of the exam disappears.

The exams are easy to understand. Time management is also very important. Practice with the examples given in the test prep manuals.

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A Few of the Good Reasons to Become ASE-Certified. Associations and professions use certification to recognize qualified and competent individuals. The certification process is one of the single most important steps in career development:

• Certification grants you professional credentials. Since it recognizes your individual accomplishments, ASE's certification serves as an impartial, third-party endorsement of your knowledge and experience on a national, even international basis.

• Certification can improve career opportunities and advancement. ASE certification can give you the "edge" when being considered for a promotion or other career opportunities. ASE certification clearly identifies you as an employee who has demonstrated competency in specific technical specialty areas based on accepted industry standards.

• Certification may provide for greater earnings potential. Many automotive professionals who have become ASE certified experience salary and wage increases based on their certification status. ASE-certified professionals are in high demand throughout North America.

• Certification improves skills and knowledge. Typically, achieving ASE certification requires training, study and "keeping up" with changing technology. ASE certification showcases your individual competence by confirming proficiency and knowledge.

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