A Few Basic Auto Mechanic Requirements

These auto mechanic requirements are for those who are looking to get in this field. Trained automotive technicians understand how rewarding and enjoyable this field can be. The guys doing this as a career already are very familiar with theses basics. They will tell you that your success is all up to you.

Remember that your training is the key. If you find working around cars, trucks, or heavy equipment exciting, then this is information for you.


Automotive mechanics/technicians are responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing automobiles and light trucks. There are different types of cars and trucks on the road these days. Some run on gasoline, electricity, or even alternative fuels (such as natural gas, ethanol and propane).

They perform maintenance, such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake services, on a daily basis. This type of activity will be physically demanding so get in good physical condition.

If you haven’t already, get your diploma or GED. Employers usually look for applicants who have good mechanical abilities and strong problem-solving skills. In most automotive service or repair facilities mechanics/technicians are required to have a valid driver's license to test drive cars, or trucks.

Here are some basic requirements when becoming an automotive technician/mechanic:

• High school diploma or GED

• Have skills in English, math, and basic science

• Be familiar with basic computer operations and software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

• Lift 50 pounds

• Know different formula conversions(ex. metric/standard, Fahrenheit to Celsius, Kilograms to pounds)

• Stay in shape (This position is physically demanding)

• Utilize various hand tools, shop tools and shop equipment

• Learn and become good at reading schematics

Quite frankly, JOB opportunities will be best for those who get a formal training program behind them. They should also obtain their ASE certifications when time permits.Technicians must have an ongoing training program (at the job and on your own). The systems and components in late model automobiles can be tough to diagnose, you’ve got to use electronic diagnostic equipment and computer-based technical reference materials to get the proper diagnosis.

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