Automotive air conditioner troubleshooting tips and recommendations

Automotive air conditioner troubleshooting tips and recommendations. Before you get started make sure you understand the basics of how air conditioning systems operate. This guide is for technicians and mechanics with a solid understanding of automotive systems. Get the basic training it’s the foundation to your success.

We want you to be successful at whatever goals you aim for. The information we provide is to be used as a guide. NOT to replace the vehicle service manual. There are many different systems on the market today. Be sure to get the proper service information for the systems you’ll be working on. Also, before any type of a/c work is performed be sure to comply with EPA guidelines and safety measures.

The first step when doing automotive a/c troubleshooting is to verify the customers’ complaint. If you miss this step you could be in for a big waste of time. Many times there is a simple solution to the problem. This can be good work for the weekend, and your customers will appreciate not sweating another day. Be sure to have all your reference material close by.

Some basic checks include:

• Belts

• Checking for leaks

• Refrigerant levels

• Compressor functions

• Clutch operation

Get familiar with basic A/C system diagnosis, service, and repair. Set yourself up for some freelancing (in other words go get some work under your belt and you will be an A/C systems repair tech in no time. When you can, pick up a used (but refurbished) A/C service machine.

If you are a rookie make sure you get trained, and practice using your equipment. Get used to planning your tasks. When you are ready, go get some work. Learn how to find your leaks, remember the basics of A/C system layouts. We recommend searching for a new machine if possible. Most people start off with a used one and end up getting a new one anyway.

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