Automotive Technology Schools are growing in popularity

Automotive technology training is constantly changing. So automotive technology schools must change too. New methods of system operation are always developing in the auto industry. As technicians we know how important it is to have the proper information and employers should supply mechanics with the proper, updated, technical information to help them run a profitable business.

At the dealerships, students will work with an experienced worker who train them on daily routines and help them become efficient. For most working in auto technology training program at a dealership it takes 2 to 5 years before becoming fully qualified. Then you are expected to work quickly and efficiently. Tack on an additional 1 to 2 years of experience to get good at all types of repairs.


The automotive technology schools today are focusing on what the manufacturers need. Thats for techs to diagnose a problem quickly and accurately. This requires a good and thorough knowledge of automobiles. Many technicians consider diagnosis hard and troublesome. Learn to welcome the challenge.

For trainee automotive service technician jobs, employers look for people with strong communication and analytical skills. Most employers are familiar with the top automotive technology schools and welcome their technicians. A tech should have good reading, mathematics, and computer skills. They must also keep up with new technology and learn new service and repair procedures and specifications as required.

Training in electronics is vital because electrical components, or a series of related components, account for nearly all malfunctions in modern vehicles. Trainees must possess mechanical aptitude and knowledge of how automobiles work. Experience working on motor vehicles in the Armed Forces or as a hobby can be very valuable.

With the right training, you can turn your passion into a life long career. Learn about shop policy and procedures during training, and learn inspecting, repairing, and troubleshooting techniques.


Most students who are in this trade will get their automotive technology training from a tech/trade school. Techs will do the following while in tech/trade school:

A. Learn a check list… or formula… for daily use.

B. Inspect all safety related components and systems, then brakes, belts, hoses, fuel system, ignition system etc.

C. Operations check of vehicle systems

D. Constant training

E. Electrical testing and troubleshooting

Some will attend community college programs. These are an excellent way to get the information and requirements you need to become a mechanic at and the tuition is reasonable. Community college programs are for two years (Usually an associate's degree program). Many car dealerships and mechanic shops also offer in-house training.

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