Muffler repair and exhaust service is a good choice

Muffler repair and exhaust service is a good choice. Exhaust problems concern many drivers on the road today. There are many reasons why people have exhaust problems, and there mostly due to wear and the environment. Most people aren’t aware of their muffler problems.

Nowadays many exhaust systems can be bolted on, but if you have welding experience you can do well with muffler or exhaust system repair. This is another area where an automotive technician can specialize in designing custom systems for specific configurations.

The automotive mechanic field has many options to choose from as far as doing specialty work, and muffler repair is a good one.

When a exhaust system problem is suspected, a good starting place would be a full inspection of the exhaust system. Most of the time doing exhaust service is pretty straight forward. Usually an inspection of the exhaust system is performed, then replacement of the damaged section or part(s) and repair of the damaged area, most of the time that’s about it.

When performing an under car inspection be sure to get proper ground clearance and use proper jack stands and lift equipment. Then check the following items:

• With car running, check for hissing or rumbling sounds

• Check muffler condition; seams, connections, road damage

• Broken or missing hangars or clamps

• Discolored, soft or corroded metal

• Check for blockage in the system

• Be sure and use a good penetrating oil for help with rust and removal

When installing new parts in an exhaust system try to stick with OEM (original equipment), if not he installation may be difficult. Also be sure and align system components (such as a new or repaired muffler) as accurate as possible into the position required. Insufficient clearance will cause rattles and/or vibrations in the passenger area.

Doing exhaust work for you (your pockets) is not difficult. Many people are making a good living specializing in muffler repair, service and custom exhaust systems. The procedures are simple, although the work can be tough to deal with at times due to rust and corrosion but it usually doesn’t require many tools and with the right space you can tackle any job.


Think safety. Always wear safety glasses and keep a fire extinguisher close by when using a torch or welding equipment. Cutting tools can also become a hazard so be aware of fire hazards.

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