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Auto Diagnostics-

Because of vehicle maintenance cost, many car owners feel they are at a disadvantage when having to deal with an automotive repair facility. The term “auto diagnostics” or “automotive diagnosis” can make many vehicle owners nervous. Many times bringing their car to the shop will be expensive and this is mainly due to technology advancement over the years. Unless your clients somewhat of an automobile hobbyist, she or he will not be familiar with new developments in the automotive field and understandably so.

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Over the past few years the concern for car owners who felt ripped off after visiting their repair facility got the attention of the companies who build auto diagnostic testing equipment. Quite a few of companies now make testers (scanners and code readers) more user friendly for the average car owner. Many vehicle owners will purchase diagnosis equipment for themselves. There are several types of auto diagnostic equipment on the market today. Nowadays anyone who can visit a Pep Boys can pick up a basic code reader or scanner. This tester can give them the codes or errors which can cause an indicator to light on the dash board. After retrieving the codes the troubleshooting must begin. Troubleshooting is a process of diagnosis and it separates the skilled professionals from parts changers.

Remember let your client (your customer) know why it is important to keep their service appointments. Remind them and ensure them that you are the professional. Though they may pick up a scanner and find certain codes, they should also get it checked by a professional technician simply to avoid doing any damage to their warranty. That is, if they have one. If they don’t, remember that you’re a professional and you can help them if they want it.

The reason is this; even if they know what is causing their complaint, a repair shop still has to give them a diagnosis. That is, unless they plan on doing the repairs themselves. Technicians don’t take the customers’ advice and start repairs based on what she or he says. A complaint must be verified. One main reason behind verification is; the repair facility, dealer, or manufacturer will not pay for the repairs unless the complaint is validated by the technician. This is ONLY the case if the vehicle is covered by a warranty.

It is understandable that many people DO want to know what is behind the “auto diagnostics” when they are at the repair shop. Although some people DO take the time to really know their vehicle(s) many people do not. Let your customer know the place to begin really learning their vehicle is with the OWNERS MANUAL. This book will have all of the information they need to understand what specific indicators mean and what is causing them to come on, some owner’s manuals will even explain the task of correcting the problem. Another good place for them to look is Google. Tell them to “Google” the year, make, and model of the vehicle along with the problem or code they are retrieving. They will most likely get a better understanding before the trip to the repair shop.

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